Notary services

The registration departments of the county courts maintain the commercial register.

A notary is an intermediary of the undertaking and of the registration department.


Acts of attestation and additional services of notaries

• A petition submitted to a registrar and an authorisation document provided for signature of the petition shall be notarised (the signature of the signor must be authenticated). The application may also be submitted with a digital signature through the webpage

• The Estonian translation of a document in a foreign language shall be notarised.
• The following shall be attested by a notary (notarially certified):
1) memorandums of association of private limited companies and public limited companies;
2) merger agreements, division agreements and division plans of companies;
3) authorisation documents issued for the signature of documents specified in aforementioned clauses.
• Based on the application of a legal person, a notary shall forward the annual report of the legal person to the registrar in electronic format.


The notary fee for the entry application drafting, authentication of a signature and forwarding documents to the  registration department of a court is 35,75 euros+VAT 20%. If there are several applicants then the additional fee for the certification of a signature is 12,75 euros+VAT 20% starting from the second person.


 •The notary fee for certification of the memorandum of association (and the articles of association approved thereby) according the amount of share capital on the basis of the table prescribed in § 22 of the Notary Fees Act. In the case of more than one founders, the full fee shall be multiplied by two.


As notarial service we provide legal councelling on and preparation of the documents that are the basis for the application and shall be appended to the application to register like the minutes of the meeting of the shareholders, a resolution of the shareholders and the new consolidated text of the articles of association. The fee charged shall be agreed upon between the notary and the person requesting the service.


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