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The main field of professional activity of a notary is notarial attestation of civil law transactions that are significant to persons. The professional activities of a notary include also legal counselling and conduct of succession and conciliation proceedings.


The professional activities of a notary are divided into the performance of notarial acts and the provision of notarial services.

Notarial acts

A notary performs notarial acts at the request of persons pursuant to the procedure prescribed by law.

The following are notarial acts:

  • an act of attestation based on the Notarisation Act, except the acts of attestation specified in stipulations regarding the provision of notarial services;
  • conduct of succession proceedings on the basis of the Law of Succession Act and the Notarisation Act;
  • declaration of an authorisation document as invalid on the basis of the Notarisation Act;
  • issue of a certificate (apostil) on the basis of the Act on Accession to Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents;
  • declaration of enforcement of an agreement entered into through an advocate who is the conciliator or another notary on the basis of an Act regulating conciliation procedure;
  • submission of an annual report of a legal person on the basis of an application of the legal person to the court maintaining the register pursuant to the procedure established on the basis of clause 67 (4) 1) of the Commercial Code;
  • authentication of contraction of marriage and divorce and preparation of marriage and divorce entries on the basis of the Family Law Act and the Vital Statistics Registration Act;
  • issuing a certificate concerning a notarial document to be executed in Estonia on the basis of the second sentence of Article 57.4 of and Annex VI to Council Regulation (EC) No 44/2001 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters;
  • depositing of money, securities and documents;
  • enabling access to a land register part and land registry file.
Notarial Services

The following notarial services are provided by Tallinn notary Kirsty Laidvee:

  • legal counselling;
  • conciliation pursuant to the Conciliation Act;
  • conducting of auctions, voting, ballots, drawing of lots and attestation of the results on the basis of the Notarisation Act;
  • forwarding of petitions and notices not related to the official duties provided for in legal acts and issuing of certificates concerning the forwarding or impossibility to forward therof on the basis of the Notarisation Act;
  • depositing of money, except cash, securities, documents and other items, if this is not an official duty or an official duty arising from it.
NotarY FEE
      A notary shall charge fees prescribed by law for the performance of notarial acts. Agreements for changing the rates of fees provided by law are prohibited and void.The fee charged by a notary for the provision of a notarial service shall be agreed upon between the notary and the person requesting the service before the provision of the service in a format which can be reproduced in writing.


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Kirsty Laidvee

Notary of Tallinn


Kirsty Laidvee was appointed to the office of a notary in 2004. Prior to that she was Notary Candidate by the Camber of Notaries and worked as a legal counsel in Ülo Lohk Notary’s Office.

She has a MBA degree from Tallinn University of Technology (2011) and an academic higher education in law (Tartu University, Faculty of Law 2000).




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